How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.

How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.

Here, we will discuss about How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.


In digital communication, video is considered a mighty tool of communication, storytelling, and entertainment for the vast digital masses. However, amidst the dazzling visuals and compelling narratives lies a critical element often overlooked in captions. Those little text boxes at the bottom of the screen, which convey captions, are crucial because they not only add to the viewers’ experience but also ensure that everyone has the opportunity.

Captions have become a lifeline for individuals with hearing disorders as they can now understand the dialogues, sounds, and subtleties portrayed in the video. Besides the community of deaf and hard-of-hearing people, captions are also helpful to individuals with auditory processing disorders, other non-native speakers, and those who watch video in a noisy environment with knocked-out sound.

The accessibility of digital content is of vital importance. However, as creators, we should always be aware of the message and how it can be affected by the audience’s spectrum. Thus, it is on us to make sure that we reach as many corners of the audience as possible. With our captions, we prove these obstacles and join a larger audience to participate in our content. However, not only do adaptions promote comprehension and recall, but they also make videos more memorable and impressive.

Basic Information:

In the last few years, there has been less dependence on expensive captioning tools due to the growing demand for inclusive content and because technology has moved faster. Such capabilities vary from in-built features in typical video editing software applications to online free captioning platforms. Through this way of democratizing captioning, viewers of any financial status or background can access your videos because they can read what is going on in the video.

Now, we will explore free captioning development more deeply and understand how it can move your videos to a higher level of accessibility and engagement.

Table Of Contents:

Table of Contents:
Why Captions Matter
Free Methods for Adding Captions
Introducing Zeemo: Captions & Subtitles
How to Add Your Captions with Zeemo?

Why Captions Matter:

How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.

Captions are suitable for text on the screen and signal that accessibility and inclusiveness are being incorporated into digital space. Let’s see why captions hold importance and their perceptible influence on people with different backgrounds.

1.    Accessible for All Types of Audiences:

The captions are like telephones for people with hearing difficulties, who can now hear the audio content of the videos. Such audience demographic also appreciates using captions to help them understand otherwise lost dialogue, music, or sound effects. The creators’ ability to caption enables them to achieve inclusive and accessible content for all members of society regardless of hearing capacity.

Moreover, subtitles provide services for not only people who are deaf or hard of hearing but also a broader segment of audiences. Captioning is vital for native speakers to acquire the spoken language faster and get more practice. In addition, people with disorders connected to audio processing or focus may appreciate the subtitles since they aid in understanding and retention.

2.    Improved Understanding and Memory:

Closed captions appeal to specific groups of people and enhance the general audience’s pleasure in viewing them. Research findings have demonstrated that acquiring caption’s duo of auditory and visual stimuli enhances understanding and retention of information.

3.    Improved Video Engagement:

Captioning affects the engagement metrics quite a lot. It’s been found that video captions have increased views, extended watch times, and increased user involvement than without captions. This enhanced participation can be attributed to the cured broadcast of captioned content and the extra convenience to the viewers who prefer that perfection.

4. Statistics and Studies:

Numerous studies and statistics underscore the importance of captions in video engagement and accessibility:

  • As the Verizon Media and Publicis Media report claims, 80% of viewers out of 100 watch captions on social media regardless of whether they are muted.
  • It was found that video ads coupled with captions (inscriptions) will increase the viewing duration of an average video ad by 12%.
  • A recent analysis by Facebook IQ revealed that videos with captions are viewed 12% more deeply than those who don’t have one.
  • The Journal of the Marketing Academy findings show that credits add more than 16% to video engagement.

The audience retention rate can become evident from the data mentioned. In other words, subtitles establish more inclusive and appealing video content for different audiences. By integrating captions into their videos, hopefully, they will gain more connectivity, impact, and engagement while ensuring that the content is accessible to everyone and inclusive.

Free Methods for Adding Captions:

The wide variety of options to handle captions without spending too much money exists, they are all well-known. Let’s look into these ways you can avoid spending that are accessible to you and their advantages and limitations.

●     Manual Captioning Using Native Video Editor:

The players can directly caption the videos in editing programs like iMovie (for macOS or Windows by using Windows Movie Maker. It requires the use of a program that enables you to type the missing dialogue or narration and then synchronize it with corresponding auditory information.


Accessibility: Because these digital software dialects are open to society and easy to access, they are on the go for the producer without extra downloads or installation.

Control: Manual captions offer the freedom to adjust and place the subtitles anyway, using your preferred style and timing, so that Windows captioning aligns with the video’s stylistic and pacing needs.


Time-consuming: In the case of manual captioning it may be difficult to process long videos or complex dialogue as it takes much labor. It requires diligence and considerable accuracy of tracking the audio and its modalities.

Limited features: Investing in built-in software could compromise formatting options so that more modern tools already equipped with certain features like automated captioning or speech recognition are needed.

●     Using Free Online Tools Such As the Auto Captioning Feature on YouTube:

Main video-recommending channels such as YouTube which have captioning technology capabilities that allow creators to add captions to their videos during the uploading process are provided. YouTube has provided an captions feature with an both automation and manual captioning options to enhance the accuracy.


Automation: YouTube’s captioning (feature) is the function (that) achieves this by using speech recognition technology to transcribe a video, thereby saving creators time and effort.

Accessibility: If viewers of YouTube’s videos can institute the captions provided by the platform, then they are synchronized with the video as well as can be easily turned on and off which allows a viewer to consume any content conveniently, making it accessible for a wider group of audience.


Accuracy: During some discussions, automatic transcription could save me some time, but not all chats can be transcribed accurately. Particularly if the convos are about difficult issues, they pose additional challenges involving talkers speaking with background noise or accent.

Limited editing options: YouTube includes options for captioning, which might lead to rough customization, but intelligent strategies highly suggest particular software greater than what is recommended.

●     Considering various Open-Source Software Solutions for Captioning:

The community of creators seeking more advanced captioning options without paying for them can use Aegisub or Amara Open Source software, as these offer several powerful tools for captioning video. These software outlines offer captions, and all tools include accurate timing controls, styles, and support for multiple languages.


Flexibility: The open-source captioning software has multiple features and unlimited customization options, thus enabling users to generate professional captions customized to fit their needs.

Community support: The open community usually embraces the spirit of cooperation. Community members often actively contribute to ongoing development and provide support through forums or documentation.


Learning curve: Custom open-source software code may be more complex than the pre-installed video editing applications and ready-made online platforms.

Installation and setup: This small step may take the open-source captioning software to set up and configure, especially for those who need to be tech-savvy.

For straightforward projects, the authors may use built-in software for manual captions. They can also use online tools like YouTube’s automatic caption feature, which provides an automated way out. Through such tactics, creators can raise the level of their videos to broaden the audience and engagement while keeping their pockets light.

Introducing Zeemo: Captions & Subtitles:

How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.

Overview of Zeemo App:

Zeemo, a multi-functional and user-friendly app, allows users to annotate their videos easily and quickly. Crafted with accessibility and convenience in mind, Zeemo’s mission is to enable creators of any level, from beginners to professionals. Whether you are a content provider, a coach, a teacher, a filmmaker, or a business owner, Zeemo provides a complete solution for increasing the accessibility and engagement of your videos.

Features and Functionalities:

Automated Captioning: Zeemo applies the newest speech recognition innovation to transcribe the videos with auto-capture of captions and frees you from spending too much time on heavy captions.

Customization Options: With Zeemo, you can customize your captions in the most relevant way in terms of style, formatting, and placement, enabling flexibility and thus allowing you to deploy the captions in a personalized manner that match your preference or brand image.

Multi-Language Support: Zeemo could translate captions for videos into various languages and successfully target the same global market with content in different languages.

Collaboration Tools: Zeemo also provides a collaborating tool that enables many users working on the same assignment to caption a film, making their workflow more accessible and increasing productivity.

How Zeemo is Different from Other Captioning Tools?

It stands out among its fellow caption tools with its simplified interface, rich functions, and availability. Unlike other captioning tools that may lack customization or solely depend on automated captioning, Zeemo balances automation and user control. Thus, the caption of the quality of the filmmakers becomes more professional. Furthermore, its emphasis on accessibility, which means simplicity, precision, and authority, allows everyone to make subtitles for different audiences.

How to Add Your Captions with Zeemo?

How to Add Captions in Video Free Method.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Download and Install Zeemo: Go to the app store on your device and type in Zeemo. Install the app on your mobile.
  • Create an Account: Open the Zeemo app and sign up using your email address or social media accounts.
  • Import Your Video: After logging in, tap the Media or Cloud storage button on the Zeemo app to import the video. You need captions from your device’s built-in media library or cloud storage.
  • Generate Captions: Decide to make the generation of captions automatic via Zeemo’s speech recognition technology. Alternatively, you may directly enter captions if you wish.
  • Edit and Customize Captions: Look over the automatically generated captions and fix any inconsistencies to ensure the accuracy and clearness are at the top. Choose captions’ styles to match your video’s overall appearance.
  • Save Your Captioned Video: After editing and adding the captions, the useful action is to save the captioned version of the video within the Zeemo app.

Suggestions and Techniques to Enhance Captioning Quality and Accuracy:

Speak Clearly: Clarity and correctness of verbal statements during video recording are required to use speech-to-text technologies effectively.

Review and Edit: Remember to review and edit the automatically generated segments for accuracy and simplicity, particularly for the topics with a complex or technical nature.

Use Punctuation: Ensure that your captions have commas, periods, and question marks; punctuation will help you maintain good flow and readability.

You can do this simply by following those steps and combining Zeemo features and functions. This way, you will add captions and subtitles to your videos, whether you need them for accessibility or engagement for the viewers.


One cannot overstate the significance of adding captions to videos. The captions play a crucial role in the process of making a content accessible in terms of enhancing inclusivity and engagement, the diverse masses can easily understand content around the globe.

Throughout this article, however, we considered the diverse kinds of benefits of captions including giving access to people with hearing impairments and further assisting people to comprehend and remember as well. You make your videos inclusive when you add captions to them. It comes with a higher engagement rate and wider viewing audience.

Luckily, applying captions to videos has long been more effortless, owing to the existence of free captioning models. It does not matter whether you are going to use the built-in video editor, the captioning feature in YouTube, or paid off-the-shelf solutions; there are lots of cost effective choices that may fit your budget.

Among them, Zeemo is the only app that embraces the picture, text, and video capta ioning into a one-stop solution. Through its high-end capacities, user-friendly layout, and meaningful accessibility, Zeemo equips all kinds of writers, whether amateur or expert, to make legitimate titles and subtitles for their videos.

As you navigate the process to achieve more helpful content, please consider using Zeemo for your captions. Using Zeemo, the captioning process becomes more streamlined, and you can make your videos available to everyone since they provide the option of choosing different hearing abilities or preferred languages.

We can do it together when we use captions, making the digital environment accessible and welcoming for everyone.

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