How to earn money with TikTok monitization

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money from social media. Earning money from social media has become much easier. Earlier, YouTube was the most paid platform on social media, but now Tik Tok has thought that we are not left behind.

We will also compete with YouTube, so they have also given the option to upload long videos and have also announced the monetization of Tik Tok.

How to earn money with TikTok monitization

Tik Tok has been monetized in almost every country but there are some countries where it has not been monetized yet.


If you guys also want to monetize your tiktok then you need some requirements for that you guys have to complete about 10 thousand followers and 1 lakh views on your tiktok account within 30 days if If you want to monetize your Tik Tok ID.


Then if your appeal is accepted, the more views you bring to your Tik Tok ID, the more benefits you will get. You will get money.

How can you earn money from Tik Tok after Tik Tok is monetized? To earn money, you have to upload videos on Tik Tok. After that, you can earn money from Tik Tok if your video is Uk.

If your video is more viewed in SA, Germany, Oman, i.e. Europe country, then you people will get more money and if you have more video views in Asian countries, you will get less money.

How To Get More Audience On Tik Tok

After Tik Tok’s ID is monetized, the biggest problem is the views on Tik Tok. The more views you get on your video, the more followers you will get and the more money you will get.

The video should not show any content against the community guidelines otherwise your account may be suspended or frozen.

After uploading the video, share your video link on different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

Also, while uploading the video, keep the video in full HD quality and use trending  hashtags.


How to withdraw money from TikTok

Each country has a different withdrawal method but in Pakistan you can withdraw through PayPal and Pioneer.

How to earn money from Tik Tok monetization by taking views on the video and how to withdraw money?

After making the withdrawal, your people’s money is deposited into your wallet within two to three business days, which is a great option.

TikTok monitization withdrawal proofs

A lot of Tik Tok people are earning money from Tik Tok. You can also earn money by uploading videos on Tik Tok. I have told you the method behind. Through this method, you can earn money from Tik Tok. Monetization of talk has been launched recently so it’s very easy to earn money. Here are the screenshots of some of the accounts that I have earned money from.

How to earn money with TikTok monitization


Remember that this creativity beta program has been launched only in a few countries, if you live in these countries, you can benefit from the monetization of Tik Tok through the creativity beta program while living in these countries.All earnings shown in above photo are for 30 days only.



I have told you in full detail how you guys can earn money from Tik Tok monetization, what are the requirements for Tik Tok monetization, I have talked about Tik Tok in full detail in the previous article. If you can earn money from monetization,

then read the complete article so that you can understand how you can earn money from Tik Tok. Finally, I have also given you the proof that you have earned money from Tik Tok. Can be motivated.

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