Pique in the spotlight over €40m Super Cup deal with Saudi Arabia

Pique in the spotlight

The center-lower back has claimed he has achieved not anything unlawful after Pique in the spotlight his organization Kosmos performed a main function in transferring the opposition to the Middle East.

Pique in the spotlight, Gerard Pique’s element in securing the deal to take the Supercopa de Espana to Saudi Arabia has been discovered after leaked audio disclosed the Barcelona supermegacelebrity in dialogue with Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales over monetary details.

The governing frame broke with subculture in 2019 to announce an growth of the conventional Super Cup format, set to be performed in Jeddah.

Now though, leaked audio received through El Confidential has shed mild at the element Pique’s organization Kosmos performed in convincing the RFEF to make the move, outlining discussions over how plenty might be had to persuade groups along with Real Madrid to participate abroad.

Pique in the spotlight/What did Pique say in the leaked audio?

Pique in the spotlight over €40m Super Cup deal with Saudi Arabia as Barcelona star responds to controversial audio leak-“If it is approximately cash and Real Madrid might move for €8m (£6.6m/$8.6m), then they get paid €8m and Barcelona get paid €8m too,” Pique is heard to say.

“Then the others get paid €2m (£1.7m/$2.2m) and €1m (£800,000/$1.1m). “That’s €19m (£15.7m/$20.5m) and you, the federation, keep €6m (£5m/$6.4m). We should even push Saudi Arabia for more, announcing that if not, then Real Madrid won’t come.

“Rather than you web website hosting it in Spain, in which you might not even make €3m (£2.5m/$3.2m), reflect onconsideration on this.”

How has Pique responded to the leaked audio?

The World Cup-triumphing defender has angrily answered to the “illegal” leak of private conversations that contain his commercial enterprise hobbies outdoor of gambling football, with the 35-year-antique pronouncing he has not anything to apologise for.

Pique has stated on Twitch of a deal this is reportedly worth €forty million (£33m/$43m) in keeping with event to the RFEF and €24m (£20m/$26m) to Kosmos: “Everything we’ve got executed is legal, I’m going to reveal my element withinside the warfare of interest, I need to reveal my face due to the fact I don’t have anything to cover.

I am happy with what we do at Kosmos. “We desired to extrade the layout of the opposition and make it greater exciting for the viewer. That has repercussions on income. The president, Luis Rubiales, clearly appreciated the concept. “Saudi Arabia changed into now no longer the best option. The United States and Qatar have been at the table. In the end, they determined to visit Saudi Arabia. “The fee? In the sector that we stay in, it is quite normal. It movements among 10 and 15% and we believed that it changed into consistent with what businesses fee for wearing out this kind of management.

The fee is consistent with the market. “I introduced an possibility for the RFEF. Before converting the layout, they earned 120,000 euros for the opposition, after the motion they earned forty million euros. “Regarding the recordings, it is an audio taken out of context. I clearly assist the president to discover a system that makes sense.

It’s an audio taken out of context. “I recognize a way to separate what’s a industrial settlement from what I actually have executed all my lifestyles, that’s to play football. I actually have in no way acquired any assist.

If you inform me that a sane industrial settlement will have an effect on the opposition, you don’t have any concept who I am. “El Confidential referred to as me per week in the past and advised me that this can pop out.

I advised them that I do not care. I do not should cover from something.” He added: “You do not should be very clever to recognize who’s in the back of the leaks. “I’m right here so that every one the newshounds question me all of the questions. I need to emphasize that it is a business enterprise, that it is now no longer me personally.

This business enterprise has been devoted to this for an extended time. Operations were performed among different companies. “Why did it pop out now? Investigate it, you’re the newshounds. “Officially, we accumulate the fee without delay from the Saudi Arabian government. In no case can we accumulate something from the RFEF: 4 million euros (10% of the forty million euros of the settlement). Pique in the spotlight,

Pique in the spotlight
Pique in the spotlight

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I haven’t any industrial settlement with the RFEF.” Pique went on to mention in a prolonged rant: “I do not need to reflect onconsideration on whether or not they may be going after me. It’s a malicious leak. What is information is the audio leak itself, which has been illegally leaked. Not the records in it. “Retiring? No, a long way from it.This entire scenario offers me some greater years to compete. “In 2019 the information got here out.

Kosmos will accumulate an sum of money and the RFEF will accumulate forty million euros as well. “I realise that it is now no longer ordinary for a participant to be concerned on this kind of commercial enterprise due to the fact a participant would not do this stuff till he retires, however I like it. Do I should apologies? For this? Well, I’m now no longer going to do it, from right here on allow anyone suppose what they need.

Pique in the spotlight, “I actually have now no longer gotten into Kosmos and doing commercial enterprise for cash. As you could apprehend I actually have earned a excellent dwelling and I may want to spend my entire lifestyles stretched out on a settee doing not anything. In the society wherein we stay, producing cash method achievement and I like that.

Pique in the spotlight
Pique in the spotlight

Pique in the spotlight, “Football belongs to the lovers, obviously, however there are lovers all around the world. Yes, Barca have been aware about what changed into taking place in 2019 with the negotiations and the whole thing changed into fine.

Pique in the spotlight, “Since the relationship with Rubiales from my time as a player with the national team, I understood that there was the confidence to start those conversations. Pique in the spotlight, I do not regret it because we have done a very good job. Nothing wrong has been done, morally or legally.”

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