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You need an advanced video editor program that can cut down hours of effort into minutes if you are wasting hours editing videos. Under such circumstances, “Wink Video Retouching Tool” is the name that is now at the top. With the help of the straightforward yet innovative Wink App, you can edit videos like an expert. Its incredibly easy-to-use design is ideal for anyone who wants to produce professional-calibre videos quickly.

The Wink app is much more than just a tool for editing videos; it is much more than that.

What is the Wink app?

It is a video retouching tool that makes it simple for users to improve the quality of their videos, even if they are not skilled in video editing. Video stabilization, colour correction, noise reduction, sharpening, and other aspects are among Wink’s fundamental features.

It can be used by people, companies, and commercial establishments including marketing, media, and entertainment. Depending on the capabilities and usage levels of its video editing tools, Wink offers a variety of price plans.

With the AR filters, stickers, and video effects features of the Wink-Video Retouching Tool, you may improve your video editing abilities. You can peruse a stream of videos you follow and get knowledge from well-known content producers.

Wink App – Video Edition Tool’s Details:

App Versionv1.41 (Latest)
Operating SystemAndroid 6 or Higher
CategoryVideo Editing Tool
ModAll unlocked
DeveloperMeitu Limited (China)
Updated1 day ago
Official DownloadGoogle Play Store


Why Wink Re-Touching Video Editor:


would like to know why you have come here. Yes, if you are interested in better video editing software, then you have reached the right place. While there are many editing tools available, this is the most favoured and much-needed Android app at present. Nine out of ten users of this video editing program persisted in using it.

The following are some unique attributes of the Wink Video editing tool:

  • anti-shake
  • High-Definition Video Effects
  • Automatic Subtitles and Makeup
  • Skin Tone Modification
  • Real-time Photo Enhancement
  • Several Faces Retouching and adjusting facial features
  • 3D Body Reshaping, 3D Manual Face Slimming

Features of the Wink Pro App:

With the help of Wink Video Editor, you can edit your films and add a captivating new feature that draws people in right away. You can read more about the features of the Wink Video Editor APK here.

  • Every Premium Feature Unlocked
  • Without Advertisements
  • Without Watermark
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Simple to assemble
  • Visually edit
  • Instruments for Personalized Cameras
  • Graffiti in Different Styles
  • AI Impacts
  • Emotional expression with text effects and video graphics
  • Use special effects to enhance text
  • Include a video
  • Audio videos to modify in your local album

Pros & Cons:-


  • straightforward, user-friendly interface
  • An assortment of editing instruments
  • Editing with a few clicks only
  • More than 100 distinct visual effects
  • Get videos, then post them on social media.


  • AI capabilities must be enhanced.

Wink Mod Apk Features:


We are aware that there are a lot of video editing applications available, but you should be aware that the Wink video editing tool has outperformed competing video downloading programs since its release.

You can make any video appear professional with this web-based video editing application, which is also your perfect video retouching tool!

  • Make amazing videos quickly! Finish tasks with a single touch!
  • You can easily enhance your video portraits with the use of 3D reshaping features.
  • Wrinkles can be reduced with the use of its sophisticated retouching feature.
  • With the numerous cosmetic effects at your disposal, you may enhance every frame of your movie.
  • An interface that is easy to use facilitates learning.
  • Along with a ton of free and paid services, Wink offers a ton of robust video editing tools.
  • Easily apply a clear, crisp makeover to your hazy pictures.

Functionality of the application:

Since the work plan is completed by hand, everyone will know exactly where to put everything. Currently, all that’s needed to achieve cinematic quality is to establish a clean, photogenic face. Explore your mind for a distinct high-resolution feel. Your appearance will captivate everyone, as it satisfies all beauty standards.

To accentuate your facial features and create the appearance of a real fairy, you don’t need to hire a makeup artist. Everything is in a full 360-degree circle with no dead ends. With just one mouse click, you can easily obtain the model’s figure, which will enhance any girl’s beauty. Like any foundation made especially for the body, cool brighter skin in an instant will be selected at the users’ discretion.

Restore picture quality in HD to create a vibrant, alluring ambience. Extra features with low-resolution details are highlighted and presented with a single click.

Protection of users’ private data:

You must become well-versed in all the nuances of the procedure if you hope to fully control the utility’s security. The user will always be in control, but other settings are appropriate and simple to use. His details will all be kept private. Once the user attempts to hone their skills, more privileges become available.

Wink-Video Retouching Tool was downloaded 209 times for The Wink-Video Retouching Tool is available for free download as an app file.

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For those seeking to improve their videos’ visual appeal, video retouching has emerged as an essential talent in the ever-changing realm of digital content development. Of all the technologies on the market, Wink App is one of the most accessible and effective options. We will guide you through the Wink App video retouching process so that your work has a polished, industry-standard appearance.

Step 1: Installing the Wink App On your device, start by downloading and installing the Wink App. Regardless of the operating system on your device, you can access the Wink App by downloading it for iOS or Android. Simply install the app and then open it to become familiar with how to navigate its intuitive interface.

Step 2: Importing Your Video To select the video you want to edit, press the “Import” button.  Wink App is adaptable to many tasks because it supports a wide range of video formats.

Step 3: Basic Adjustments It is necessary to be familiar with basic retouching techniques before moving on to more sophisticated work. The Wink App allows users to easily manipulate settings such as sharpness, saturation, contrast, and brightness. Play around with these controls until you achieve your desired result.

Step 4: Use filters to fine-tune Make use of Wink App’s astounding selection of filters to infuse your video with some originality. Wink App offers a wide variety of filters that can be applied and altered to fit your style, from retro feelings to contemporary aesthetics.

Step 5: To create a seamless transition in a professional video, it is essential to have appropriate transitions. The transitions provided by the Wink App give you the guarantee that your video smoothly moves from one scene to another through a wide variety of transitions.

Best Features:

Step 6: Using Advanced Tools for Precise Editing Use the sophisticated capabilities in the Wink App to focus on particular portions of your video. To improve details and get rid of imperfections and colour discrepancies, use precise editing tools. You can fine-tune your video with great attention to detail by following this step.

Step 7: Incorporate Sound Effects and Music Use sound effects or music to bring your video to life. You can easily incorporate audio with the Wink App, which improves the viewing experience in general. To get the ideal balance, select music that fits the tone of your content and adjust the volume.

Step 8: Examine and Store Use the Wink App’s preview tool to make sure everything appears perfect before finishing your masterpiece. After you’re happy, save your edited video in the format and quality you’ve chosen.

With the aid of this strong and at the same time simple instrument, a content writer will be able to do it themselves, without any great difficulty. Apply the numerous possibilities, let your imagination fly away to the skies and see what would happen when a cleverly presented movie appeals to the senses of millions. Use the Wink App to up your content creation game right now!


Of course! Let’s take a closer look at some of the more sophisticated video retouching capabilities that Wink App offers:

Top Tricks:

Step 1: Using Layers and Masking for Precise Editing With the sophisticated masking and layering features in the Wink App, you may enhance your video editing to a new level. With unmatched accuracy, masking enables you to apply edits to particular regions of the video only. This capability comes in especially handy when doing intricate colour grading, retouching individual items, or changing the illumination in remote areas.

Step 2: Dynamic Elements Motion Tracking With the use of Wink App’s motion tracking features, you can add retouching effects to your videos that automatically track moving objects. For ensuring consistency in edits across dynamic sequences, this function is important. Motion tracking guarantees that your retouching efforts stay smoothly integrated throughout the movie, whether you’re tracking a person, object, or particular location.

Step 3: Animation and 3D Effects Your videos will look more cinematic if you use 3D animations and effects. With the help of the many dynamic effects offered by the Wink App, you can give your video’s elements a striking visual makeover. Try experimenting with movement, depth, and perspective to give your content life and make dull videos visually captivating.

Step 4: Improvements Powered by AI With the use of artificial intelligence, the Wink App can automatically improve your videos. Aspects like colour balance, sharpness, and general visual quality can all be analyzed and improved by AI algorithms. This function makes the retouching process more efficient and produces results that are still professional.

Key Points:

Step 5: Editing using green screen editing is supported by the Wink App for users who want to incorporate their movies into various backdrops or add imaginative visual components. Take off the background from your video recording and add your photos or movies in its place. With this capability, the possibilities for imaginative narrative and visually striking content are endless.

Step 6: Editing in Slow Motion and Time-Lapse With time-lapse and slow-motion video editing, the Wink App lets you adjust the playback speed of your footage. Condense protracted occurrences into engrossing time-lapse sequences, or slow down particular moments for dramatic effect.

You may push the limits of video retouching and produce footage that is on par with professional standards by taking advantage of these sophisticated tools. Because of Wink App’s dedication to innovation and user-friendly design, developers may execute their ideas with accuracy and originality. Accept these cutting-edge instruments, explore their potential, and watch as your videos become visually stunning works of art. Your creativity is the only restriction when using the Wink App.


What is a Wink-Video Retouching Tool?

With only a few clicks, you can edit or enhance your movies with the Wink app.

Is Wink—An App for Retouching Videos—Free?

Indeed, there are premium and free versions available. The Wink Premium plan will provide you with several fantastic features.

Which videos are compatible with Wink?

With Wynk, you may edit or retouch any kind of video, including live streaming and professional and personal videos.

Which file types is Wink compatible with?

You shouldn’t be concerned about Wink’s file format compatibility because it supports a large number of formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV.

Is the Wink-Video editing tool secure?

Indeed, using it is entirely secure; VirusTotal’s check indicates that the malware has been found.

Which is better, BeautyPlus or Wink?

Both are undoubtedly amazing, but BeautyPlus is among the greatest choices for content makers with 800 million users.

One of the most popular Android apps for video retouching is Wink software, which is the greatest software for editing videos. With the Wink app, editing videos only takes a single click.

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